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Food Production Cleaning

At Longworth, we understand the pressures of production in the food manufacturing industry. We work with commercial food manufacturers, large and small who want to approach their production and component cleaning in the right way - ethically, proactively and environmentally friendly.

Longworth utilise several different proven cleaning methods for food manufacturing components including, burn off (pyrolysis), ultrasonic, aqueous, chemical and our own patented, super heated, steam cleaning process, DEECOM® which sterilises as it removes baked on grime, waste and grease.

With over 40 years experience using these processes, we're sure to find the right solution for your cleaning problem.

What do we clean?

Commercial components we're asked to clean include;
  • baking trays
  • baking tins
  • filters
  • oil fryers
  • pie trays
  • Yorkshire pudding trays
  • hoses
  • tubes


Longworth will arrange collection and delivery of your items, anywhere in the world. (within reason!)

Specialist coatings

Should your parts require re-coating, then once they've met our stringent cleaning specifications, we'll arrange for our trusted partners to finish in plastic coating or Teflon coating before returning them to your facility, ready for immediate re-use on the production line.

Complete end-to-end service

At Longworth, we understand your needs, to pass the next audit, to maintain hygiene standards, to achieve tight production schedules. We pride ourselves on being a true partner and have grown our service to match customers' needs. Longworth offer a retained, regular cleaning service to help you manage your hygiene standards. We'll book in regular cleans based on your requirements. We cost it all in advance, send you reminders, collect and deliver parts when you need them. This avoids downtime - and we even accept direct debit to avoid unnecessary paperwork.

Think we can help improve your production hygiene?

Speak to our technical specialists, or complete a form and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.     Commercial Baking Trays Before, During & After Longworth Cleaning     Commercial Baking Trays Before, During & After Longworth Cleaning