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Burn-Off Ovens / Burnout Ovens

Longworth is an international manufacturer of pyrolysis / burn-off ovens / burnout ovens. The industrial ovens are built to the highest quality standards and meet the relevant UK and equivalent European operating, emission and health and safety regulations. We have sold our Pyrolysis / burn-off ovens / burnout ovens to clients in Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Greece and the UK.

How does a burn-off oven work?

Burn-off or burnout ovens use a process known as pyrolysis. They remove or break down organic materials that have adhered to metal parts. This works by heating the parts in a reduced oxygen atmosphere where a reaction takes place and reduces the contaminant to a residue that is richer in carbon. Any emissions that are given off during this process are put through an afterburner that heats these gasses to 850°C for a minimum of half a second. By heating these gasses to such a temperature turns them into H2O and CO2.

Our burn-off ovens

Our burn off ovens (or burnout ovens) are constructed to exacting standards to suit the particular requirements of individual clients. To achieve the precise control our customers expect, each oven features a number of distinct burn-off or pyrolysis temperature profile settings. These profiles can be used to gradually break down the contamination whilst preventing the overheating of the component being processed.

Although our standard selection includes several models in various sizes – on the rare occasions that our selection doesn’t offer something to suit your requirements, we will design an oven to address your specific needs.


  • Several models which come in various sizes, bespoke options available to suit requirement
  • Incorporates PLC control, Touch screen HMI and on screen fault finding facility
  • Oven interiors can be lined in stainless steel to avoid damage to internal insulation sustained via everyday knocks and scrapes
  • Online oven maintenance option allows remote maintenance and fault finding from engineers in our Blackburn (UK) office


  • Our skilled and responsive team of engineers will ensure that your pyrolysis oven is maintained to perform at optimum efficiency
  • The robust design and construction of our burn off ovens means they offer years of reliable performance even in the harshest industrial conditions
  • Built using 20 years of knowledge and experience gained from the cleaning of components from many different production processes and industrial cleaning environments

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