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Longworth History

Longworth – since 1976

In 1976 Longworth identified a gap in the market to provide a high quality contract cleaning service for components from the polymer industry. Since then Longworth have not only become a market leader in this sector, but have constantly invested and refined our cleaning technology solutions to support a diverse range of components and as a result now operate in a wide variety of sectors in the UK and Europe.

B&M Longworth HQ
Our Blackburn HQ


In 2005 Longworth launched DEECOM® as an environmentally friendly, but highly effective alternative to solvent cleaning. This patented cleaning technology allows us to meet environmental duties and legislative requirements without compromising the cleaning process.

DEECOM® uses only superheated steam as a cleaning medium which preserves the filter or component it cleans without causing any damage, pitting or environmentally unsound waste.

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Today the senior sales and management staff boast over 130 years of experience and knowledge in component cleaning, engineering and consultancy services. This has helped us to not only expand our UK business but also to attract clients in America, South Korea, China and Germany.

John Norris, Chairman believes that the continued success is down to our ability to be flexible and provide bespoke, tailored cleaning solutions to meet our client's requirements.

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