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Burn Off Processing

Our burn off ovens (also commonly known as pyrolysis ovens) offer an extremely effective process for the removal of plastic or paint coatings.

How Does It Work?

Burn off processing involves heating a contaminated component at a controlled temperature in a low oxygen environment. This has the effect of vaporising the volatile constituents of the contaminations.

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How Does It Work?


  • Less damaging than traditional cleaning processes
  • No expensive chemical disposal costs
  • Custom designed PLC control including ramped temperature control

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Who Is Burn Off Processing For?

Industries and Processes:

  • Powder and paint coating
  • Polymer extrusion and moulding
  • Commercial bakery tray refurbishment
  • Electric motor refurbishment
  • Process component refurbishing including pumps and pipework

Components and Parts:

  • Paint jigs & frames
  • Car & bike parts
  • Food trays
  • Filter housings
  • Automotive and railway brake pads
  • Commercial storage shelving

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