Welcome to Longworth – a global leader in the latest cleaning technology solutions.


We offer professional, reliable and flexible component cleaning solutions to a diverse range of sectors that see our service as a perfect alternative to in-house cleaning.


Our extensive range of cleaning processes and our expertise and knowledge allow us to confidently remove most contaminants from a wide range of components.


Our cleaning solutions include:

So, if you want to enhance your manufacturing or production process by extending the lifetime of parts, or need a highly effective and more environmentally friendly cleaning solution then contact us and see how we can help.


Latest News

  • Hose cleaning for hose assemblies used in oxygen rich environments

    B&M Longworth now provide a service for the cleaning of stainless steel and polymer based hoses used in oxygen enriched environments. The cleaning processes remove combustible material, which is often a residue of the original hose manufacture and is a prerequisite for many gas transfer applications. The selection of the appropriate method of cleaning will [...]

    13.8.15 | News | Alan Reid

  • Longworth builds largest DEECOM® system to date

    Longworth is pleased to commence a project to build the largest DEECOM® machine to date.  The system, due to be commissioned in the Gumi City in South Korea in 2016, will have the capacity to clean 4 disc filter stacks simultaneously.  The customer specialises in the manufacture of high quality PET film used in the electronics [...]

    12.8.15 | News | Alan Reid

  • Longworth revisits Japan

    The most recent DEECOM® system is due to be commissioned in a specialist polyethylene terephthalate facility based near Nagoya in Japan.  Longworth commissioning staff will spend approximately five days working with the customer’s engineers to complete the installation.  This will be the second DEECOM® installation at this particular site. The customer specialises in high value [...]

    25.2.15 | News | Alan Reid

Around Longworths

  • Our Services

    Although Longworth's high standards and attention-to-detail are always consistent on every project, the areas we work in vary significantly.

  • Component Cleaning

    Component cleaning is available on both a one-off or retained contract basis. Our service conserves client resources and is kinder to the environment than replacement or renewal

  • Engineering

    Longworth's engineering capabilities include the specialist design and manufacture of bespoke equipment and machinery to suit the individuals requirements.

  • Pyrolysis and Burn Off Ovens

    Longworth's Pyrolysis system is an integral part of our component cleaning service offering. We've developed and refined our processes to our requirements